Florence, I Miss Thee

On March 12, 2013 at 1:01 am, in: Photography

Ah Florence and Paris, how I miss thee… Looking back at some of these pictures makes me want to plan another vacation… one year anniversary, maybe??

Florentine Market

For the grand unveiling of the new “Photography” category (as well as effectively ending my 1.5 year hiatus from blogging), I’d like to share a few shots I took during our honeymoon in Florence. This will be three parts of the honeymoon photography series where I’ll cover our days in Florence, Paris, and all the food we ate there. Why food in its own category? Because after starving ourselves to look good on our wedding day we needed something substantial to eat… for the next nine days 🙂

We left the day after our wedding, and it truly was one of the best experiences of my life.

The Streets of Florence

Streets of Florence


Overlooking Florence

At the top of the Duomo


And of course, the food! This is the famous Bistecca ala Florentina, which is 1.7lb of T-Bone steak.

Bistecca ala Florentina


Then some landscape photos. The first one is a sunrise photo – this day we woke up early enough to catch a tour bus to visit nearby cities like San Gimignano (our tour guide made sure we know how to say the ‘gn’ part), Sienna, Tuscany, and Pisa. It was early, but I’d say totally worth it for the golden hour opportunity.


View from the balcony




And of course can’t walk around Europe without some street photography 🙂

Sienna Streets


Street Signs

Sienna Market


Me and the Mrs at San Gimignano. Absolutely Gorgeous.

San Gimignano

Coming Up Next…

Next destination: Paris.

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    Love the sunrise pic!