Paris, I Miss Thee

On March 13, 2013 at 10:43 am, in: Photography

For Part II of the honeymoon series, we’re going to relive our ventures in Paris. After four incredible nights in Florence, we flew to Paris and stayed there for five nights.

Eiffel Tower Shrouded

I had visited Paris years before, but it was the first time for my wife. While Florence provided a more “old country” feel, Paris gave us a nice (albeit shocking) 180 with the combination of hustle n’ bustle, crowded traffic, and bright lights of the city.

Upon arriving at our hotel room, we were greeted with a nice welcome message, complete with a bottle of champagne. Ah the perks of announcing we were on honeymoon 🙂

Welcome Message

Being in Paris, we had to hit all the big spots. Since we did have time there, each day we planned to see one to two things. But since it was our honeymoon, we just did what we felt like and nobody can make us get up at 7AM to stand in line for The Louvre 🙂

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe

Right by the Arc, Samantha somehow was able to convince these two French firefighters to pose for camera… and she speaks very little French!

Wife w/ Firefighters

Across the Seine River. It was a particularly cloudy day, so we couldn’t see the top of the Eiffel Tower. It made for a good photo op though.


Right by the Eiffel Tower, they had this “United Buddy Bear” exhibition, which featured bears from all over the world dressed to represent each country. My wife though the Indonesian bear with its sarong was more exciting than the United States’ Statue of Liberty  🙂

United Buddy Bear

Indonesian Bear

US Bear

And a couple more shots of the Eiffel Tower.


Eiffel Tower

We made it to The Louvre! OK, full disclosure: we didn’t spend hours and hours walking around here and admire the art, but we did see The Mona Lisa and The Code of Hammurabi (which for some reason, I really wanted to see) among other things.


The Mona Lisa was very cool to see in person, but the pushy and rude tourists around it were exhilarating.

Mona Lisa Crowd

Code of Hammurabi

Interesting fact: inside the Louvre, we came across several artists painting (copying?) the work of art in there. A few posted a sign to not take their photograph, but I don’t think that really deterred anyone (like me) from snapping away.

Artist Painting

This next shot was taken from on top of the George Pompidou Center. Great spot for people watching.

George Pompidou Center

On the last day, we visited The Notre Dame.

Notre Dame

And that’s nine nights in total. 9 incredible nights that I would gladly experience over again (who wouldn’t?).

For the full album, check out the Newlyweds in Europe Flickr set.

Coming Up Next…

For Part III of this honeymoon photography series, I’m going to focus on the shots that probably filled up most of my memory card while we were abroad: the food. Yup, we spent a good amount of time researching where to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (thank god for hotel wifi!).

Stay tuned!


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